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Managed Print Checklist

Assess Your MPS Readiness

You’ve heard how managed print services (MPS) can contribute to transforming parts of your business, from better resource deployment, right down to tighter security.

But do you know how it all adds up for you? What’s the value of having somebody new manage your printers and copiers? We can help.

Start with our 12-point checklist to get to the heart of your business case.

Managed Print Readiness

What should you look for in a managed print services (MPS) partner?

You’ll also want a partner who’s proven that they can make those new, smarter document workflows play nicely with your existing IT infrastructure—whatever your business, and business-size.

That’s why we’ve pulled together a checklist that will help you find a partner based on the criteria most important to you. Ask some hard questions on key issues like:

  • Analytical approach
  • Document workflow
  • Environmental credentials

Take your potential partners through the eight steps. And you can – with confidence – call everyone left standing on your shortlist.

Managed Print Environment

Anatomy of an Intelligent Print Environment

As much as 40% of business processes are document driven.

A lot is riding on you getting your document processes right. It can be the difference between a smooth, predictable flow of information, and critical details getting lost in translation.

So what's the secret to success?

Our eBook has the answers. Read Anatomy of an Intelligent Print Environment and unlock surprising rewards:

1. Top tips and best practices to transform your document workflows
2. The fundamentals of a truly connected print environment
3. How to build a foundation of lasting
processes in your organization

Demystifying Total Cost of Ownership

‘Cheap’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘economical’ when it comes to printers.

Calculate the TCO of your devices by considering four variables and a few simple equations.

  • The price of the printer.
  • The capacity of the "starter" toner cartridges.
  • How much will replacement cartridges cost?
  • Will you buy or lease the printer?

Utilizing MPS to cut your print expenditures can lower your overall TCO. Use MPS to outsource printer maintenance and streamline workflows, meaning more time for you and your employees to spend on customer service, marketing and other core business functions.


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